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(Photo by Frédéric Mélotte)

Self-taught artist, photographer and Photoshop wizard, born in Mauritius in 1985, I have always been fascinated by arts and means of human expression. In 2003, after graduating high school from the Royal College of Port Louis, I enrolled in a B.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering course at the University of Mauritius. My passion for the arts encouraged me to work as a freelance graphics designer and photographer during the completion of my Bachelor’s Degree.In 2007, I won the first prize in amateur photography during the Festival de la Mode organised by Odysseus.

This accomplishment helped me realise my talent and drove me further in the world of photography. I graduated with honors from the university in 2008 and started working in a design firm as photographer, designer and subsequently as the head of the design department. I left this position in 2009 to devote my time fully to photography. I am now a full time freelance photographer working in various fields of photography including wedding photography, photojournalism, product photography and fashion. I currently work on various projects for various firms

I continue to follow my pursuit of a more artistic perspective on photography and try to portrait each work as a masterpiece of creativity.

Location: Goodlands, Mauritius
Job: Photographer, Digital Artist
Services: Landscape Photography
Portrait Photography
Fashion Photography
Modeling Portfolios
Wedding Photography
Band Photography
Live Photography
Event Photography
Corporate Photography
Product Photography
Commercial Photography
Photo Retouching/Editing

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