Purvaja and Ivo(non-registered)
“Doorgesh immediately went above and beyond and started helping us plan out our day, from ceremony dos and don’ts to the best photo locations to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. He is very friendly and talented, you can clearly see his passion for his work. He is extremely professional, on time and was very polite throughout the process. On the day of our wedding, he made us feel so confident and relaxed the whole time.

Doorgesh captured so many tiny perfect moments from our day and now we will never forget them. The photos are absolutely incredible in every way and well exceeded our expectations. He has such an eye for every detail, from our expressions when we looked at one another to the shadows of the palm tree on the walls. He also know how to work the natural beauty of the East Coast on a large scale, making the beauty of our chosen setting shine through in every picture. Most importantly for us, he made the often-awkward experience of having pictures taken feel very comfortable and fun. He provided the perfect amount of direction to get good photos but also encouraged us to just enjoy being together and act natural. Having photos taken was honestly one of the most enjoyable parts of our day and we are so lucky to have such a talented professional on the island.”
The best photographer ever! You've done 3 shoots for us and we can't wait for more!
Keep it up!
Mauree visnsam(non-registered)
A record breaking in number of likes on your Facebook page.!! isn't it? Such a pleasure. Well done Doorgesh.
Have a great experience with the photos during my wedding.... Awesome pictures.....LOVE IT!!!!!!
Love your story and your art work.

Keep up the good work dude..
samia samiou(non-registered)
Amazing and fascinating job. Keep it up :)
Samanta Valydon(non-registered)
You are the BEST Doorgesh - Keep it up mate x
Brinda Bachoo(non-registered)
Great job, awesome. Keep it up
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