Mauree visnsam(non-registered)
A record breaking in number of likes on your Facebook page.!! isn't it? Such a pleasure. Well done Doorgesh.
Have a great experience with the photos during my wedding.... Awesome pictures.....LOVE IT!!!!!!
Love your story and your art work.

Keep up the good work dude..
samia samiou(non-registered)
Amazing and fascinating job. Keep it up :)
Samanta Valydon(non-registered)
You are the BEST Doorgesh - Keep it up mate x
Brinda Bachoo(non-registered)
Great job, awesome. Keep it up
Ms Joorawon Kehrishma(non-registered)
" Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity” adore your work.
Anousha Fallee(non-registered)
Good job Doorgesh..keep it up dear!!
Kushal perwanee(non-registered)
Great work bro keep it up ;)
sundeep Hurdoyal
pictures come to life after you give them the doorgesh touch.. excellent..
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